Pizzeria games

pizzeriaTake the order! Make the pizza! Then wrap the pizza and serve to the correct customer! Work as quickly as you can!

pizza waitressDress up the pizzeria waitress, because she cannot decide what clothes wear.

Go on the path! Get the pizza and save the Pizza Delivery!pizza arcade game

Put the ingredients to the pizza wich want the customer.

Remember that what ingredients shows the game, then do the same pizza!

Do this if you want make a perfect pizza:

Study the pizza handbook to learn how to make various pizzas!
For exaple a 'beefomato' pizza is made of beef, tomato and green saus.

Do the pizza's reflection.Perfect pizza difference game Listen, because because the game is go to time, and you must you have to be very accurate if you want to win.

Pizza tetrisShoot the ingredients to the board, then if be assembled three same ingredients, you can serve it up to the customers. Listen, because constantly fall out from the top the pizza ingredients.

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