Do this if you want make a perfect pizza:

Study the pizza handbook to learn how to make various pizzas!
For exaple a 'beefomato' pizza is made of beef, tomato and green saus.

Click on X button to close the book.
Drag the raw pan pizza to the black plate to start making a new pizza. Look you have a customer. Take a look and bubble order to find out what he or she is ordering.
Then, drag the ingredients needed to make the pizza which is in the pizza recipe book.
Don't forget to add the pizza sauce as the recipe shown. After all ingredients ready, drag the pizza into the oven. Bad pizzas can be dragged on the side to remove them of the table.
After baking the pizza you can drag it into the pizza box below. Then drag the box to the correct customer!
Now click on the money to collect it.



If the game doesn't work use the Firefox browser